My name is Nicole Halpern. I'm a sexuality and sensuality coach, a life coach and a healer. I've been coaching and teaching workshops for over a decade. I'm passionate about individuals and couples feeling empowered in all areas of their life including sexuality and sensuality.

What I value

Living an authentic connected sensual life where I honor myself and everyone and everything around me. Feeling vibrant, experiencing great food, stopping to smell the roses and doing daily self-care and exercise. Most importantly sharing my life with my family and friends and being the best role model I can be to my daughter. Teaching her how to love and respect herself and others and taking care of her body the way I do. 

My Story

After five years of working in New York Corporate Media, travels through Asia and more work in environmental radio and politics, in 2004 I took my first Sexuality Workshop.  The magic of stepping into the realm of sexuality and sensuality was profound for me. I spent the next 4 years living, leading, coaching and teaching at OneTaste.

It was at this time that I learned the profound effects that liberating one's sexuality can have on all areas of one's life and ones relationship to others.  It felt revolutionary.  My connection to my body greatly expanded and my communications skills flourished. I was able to fully enjoy sex in profound ways. I witnessed these changes in myself and the hundreds of people that walked through our doors that I coached and taught. I saw how the exploration of sexual energies changed lives.

During this time, I learned to let go of my identity of being the "nice" girl who never really attained getting her deepest needs met and stepped into identifying and communicating my desires and fully owning them. 

Stepping into my sexuality also deeply impacted my health. After a decade of suffering off and on from the digestive disease, IBS, in a matter of a year of focusing on my sexuality, my IBS went away.   IBS is connected to the 3rd Chakra which reflects our self-esteem and the sexuality practice that I learned and now teach runs energy through the 3rd chakra. In 2009, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and healed myself with the same sexuality practice along with healing foods and other healing modalities. Healing from lyme disease had me start the process of slowing down and embracing my feminine side on an even deeper level. It has now become an integral part of the work I teach others.

Along with what I learned at OneTaste, I also studied coaching with Silicon Valley Personal and Business Coach Bryan Franklin for 3 years.  I've taken a Yoga teacher training program, studied Chi Gong and have worked with other top Bay Area Career and Business coaches. 

Psychology, spirituality, and health are deeply intriguing studies for me. I'm in awe of how we evolve as human beings and open our hearts more. My work is influenced by Buddhism, Byron Katie, the enneagram, Western Astrology, Landmark Education, Human Design System, Macrobiotics,  Ayurveda practices and other spiritual teachers. 

I'm a former East coaster having grown up in Manhattan and Scarsdale, NY and graduated from Lehigh University. I now live in the Bay Area, California.

I would love to bring to you my 19 year journey of teaching, mentoring, coaching, and living to help you reach your fullest potential in sexuality and feminine empowerment.