What I help you create for yourself.

STILLNESS. Slowing down. Unraveling. Nourishing yourself. Nourishing one another. Allowing for the messiness. The chaos. The sadness. The tears. To not hold it all together, all the time.

TO FEEL YOUR FEELINGS and feel held when you let go. To surrender. To turn yourself on and feel your sexual energy. 

TO RECLAIM THOSE LOST PARTS OF YOURSELF. To open up to your shadow sides and to approve them. To stop being the nice girl and to start being the nicer to yourself girl. To stop doing more and start receiving more. To step into and fully own your womanhood.

TO KNOW YOUR BODY and your boundaries. To feel the calm within. To embrace your softer feminine side. To balance the masculine and feminine within yourself. To stop blocking... your partner, your pain, your desires, your joy. To drop... your limited conditioning, your outdated beliefs and your control.  To reinterpret your stories.  

TO START GIVING TO YOURSELF. Wholeheartedly loving yourself. To have deep faith.  To enjoy your life. 

TO WALK THROUGH THE WORLD with an open heart and body, to feel empowered around your purpose, your work and allow the magic, the mysteries, the love to flow through you, around you and TO DEEPLY FILL YOU UP!






Live, love, lead with joy and ease

Learn how to empower yourself from your body, your sexuality and your feminine side.

I work with clients in the following areas:

Sexuality, Relationships, Dating, Career, Business, Leadership, Wellness.

You’re a professional woman. A great doer, a terrific planner, a go-getter achiever. A powerhouse.

Given your success, you thought life would feel as good as it looks. Sadly, that’s not the case.

You’re still overwhelmed, unfulfilled and spend too much time being hard on yourself. Even your relationship to the people around you can feel challenging at times. You want to go from good to great and start feeling really satisfied.

You want a coach who will help you create something different for yourself not just more of the same.

I love working with women like you. I’ll give you a plan, practices, and books to read to set you in a direction that will leave you content. You’ll receive a new set of beliefs that will empower you. Tools to connect you to your authentic nature and your body. You will become unrecognizable to yourself and others.

I’ll give you a new way of living so you will finally get what you have been really striving for and so you can feel deeply nourished.


"What we see is rarely essential. What is essential is invisible to the eye."  - Mr. Rogers


What my clients say about me...

"I am able to enjoy sex much much MUCH more than before I met Nicole Halpern and started coaching with her. Sex has been amazingly satisfying and it has truly transformed me into a new person. The intimacy between my husband and I has increased tremendously."
 - Sara, Computer Programmer

"Nicole's coaching was one of the best gifts I've ever given to myself. Her coaching was gentle, yet a powerful journey into my sexuality and love life. The places where I was open, the places where I am closed, and the places I would like to grow into were all brought to light in a safe, nurturing environment.  The following month I felt like I was on fire! I had abundant sexual energy coupled with a curiousity and inspiration in my sex life. As a result, I feel more authentic and powerful. My sex life has never been better, and I have fallen deeply in love with a beautiful man. If I could give Nicole's coaching to all of my friends, I would!"
 - Didi, School Co-Director

"I didn't realize that there was a Sexuality Coach like Nicole Halpern and felt like a gift had been placed in my path when I stumbled across her.  Through her thoughtful questions and reflections, she pretty quickly helped me identify, name and challenge long held beliefs that get in my way.... She is an exceptional and easy to talk to coach who helped me tremendously in a few sessions."
 - Bridgette, Director

“The results of our work together consciously flowed into all aspects of my life. People are being wowed by me.  It's allowed me to show up fully in the world, connect more to my partner. It touched my heart deeply. The authenticity is coming from a really deep place. I can feel.. like I have never before."
 - Jennifer, Yoga Teacher