Who I work with

So, you want MORE and are curious about working with me? Let me tell you about the 5 different types of women that I coach. Maybe you are one of them or maybe you are all of them?

Woman #1  You want to get in touch with your femininity and enjoy sex

Woman #2  You want to reinvent yourself

Woman #3  You want to focus on yourself

Woman #4  You want to turn on

Woman #5  You want to know your desires and communicate them

Woman #1

You want to get more in touch with your femininity and enjoy sex

Maybe your dad always told you women are incompetent and inferior. His views of your mother were pretty negative.  You vowed you would never become like her. You have worked hard and pushed through it all to be a success. You made it but you now feel that it has come at a cost. The cost.. embracing your feminine side.  You don’t fully feel connected to what’s it like to be a woman and feel empowered in it. Your identity  as a sexual being feels kinda skewed. You don’t like having your needs and desires seen. Your defenses are usually up. You want to protect yourself. You don’t like being vulnerable. 

Your sex life is pretty minimal. You have a nice husband with a higher sex drive than yourself. He likes to be affectionate with you but most of the time you don’t like him touching you. Your libido is dead. You don’t like your body. You don't feel much if anything in your genitals. You have a fear of being vulnerable. You want more orgasm. You want more foreplay. You want more pleasure. You want to receive more.

How we work together…

My sexual needs have been met. I am able to enjoy sex much much MUCH more than before I met Nicole Halpern and started coaching with her. Sex has been amazingly satisfying and it has truly transformed me into a new person. The intimacy between my husband and I has increased tremendously. I feel it is mainly due to the change in my mindset. I took in my heart your message about that sex should be playful and enjoyable. There should not be any expectations. That message really elevated a lot of pressure off of my head. Since then all I want is just playing with my husband. And I have to say I LOVE our play, and I keep looking forward to the play. Seriously, every.single.day!! Thank you for your email, your message, your time and your sharing on your philosophy. It truly has changed the way I view and experience my intimacy with my husband.
— Sara, Computer Programmer

In our sessions we start looking at how you can embrace both the masculine and feminine sides of yourself and find a balance between them. We find both sides right. You start to connect to the lost parts of yourself that you have let go of to have your life as it is. We look at what defines your femininity  - being, allowing, nurturing, slowing down, even chaos (versus structure) and how you can allow those qualities to permeate your life more. What practices - both sexual and otherwise - you can put in place to open up more to your feminine side. How you can open more to feeling your life - the sensations in your body, your emotions and how to allow you the space for even the most uncomfortable feelings to permeate you so you can can open up to feeling more into all of the areas of your life. We will have you reconnect to her desires


Woman #2

You want to reinvent yourself.

You have been in a relationship for so many years that it feels like your partner and you have practically grown up together. You each know one another’s rhythms, likes and dislikes. You know the things that bother you about him too.  You notice how you block him. You just want your own space. You don’t have any energy to give. You wind up having sex infrequently, have little intimacy, and you are more like roommates. 

There are beliefs you have around sex from growing up. Sex was always hidden or ignored. It was a deep secret that no one talked about. You have a hard time receiving but you especially feels shame around receiving pleasure, really feeling pleasure. Pleasure and turn on isn’t for the work day and it’s not for most other areas of your life. You would like to try something a little different within your relationship, maybe something even a little kinky. Maybe showing more of her shadowy side and allowing it to feel expressed.

You would like to get to know what your desires truly are and explore them. You were never taught how to be in a good healthy long term relationship so sometimes it feels like you are winging it.  You want to feel connected to your body again, to your heart, to your sensuality/sexuality, to your desires. You want to feel excited and empowered. You want to step into feeling like a sexy momma.

How we work together…

I didn’t realize that there was a Sexuality Coach like Nicole Halpern and felt like a gift had been placed in my path when I stumbled across her. I’m a mom of two and have known my partner for over 15 years. I’ve been working on physical presence, awareness and my own sensuality in various ways and found Nicole’s coaching and insightful questions invaluable. Through her thoughtful questions and reflections, she pretty quickly helped me identify, name and challenge long held beliefs that get in my way. She also gave me “homework” assignments that challenged me to break old habits and create practices that bring more of what I want into my life. She is an exceptional and easy to talk to coach who helped me tremendously in a few sessions.
— Bridgette, Director

In our sessions, I guide you on how to connect more to your heart and have gratitude for your partner and your life. I will share with you specific practices to become more in alignment with your body, your sexuality and your sensuality and your desires. We look at your schedule and how you can make more space in your day and your week for you so that you havemore energy to open up to your partner, restart intimacy and step into your feminine side. I help you see your beliefs and conditioning around sex, what your relationship is to receiving and feeling pleasure and  how you can take in more and bring more playfulness into yourlife and relationship.  I show you how to create and try on new identities that are empowering while keeping your life stable and reinventing yourself and activating.


Woman #3

You want to focus on yourself.

You feel out of balance. You are so good at taking care of other people’s needs, noticing what they need and giving to them but you don’t even recognize anymore what you want for yourself. You rush from one thing to the next. There is little space in your day for you. You are always doing, always being productive. You never stop. Most days, you don’t even recognize if you are hungry. You don’t even remember the last time you had space to just be. Even on your time alone you are doing.   

How we work together…

I was struggling to take care of myself and take care of my daughter.  My daughter came first (as she should in those first few months) but after 6.5 months this mama was depleted.   Nicole uncovered what I needed to do in order to both care for myself and my daughter.  She allowed me to find what felt in alignment & right for me and my family.  She helped me realize that being a good mom could include boundaries that allowed for both mama and baby to get their needs met.  Nicole challenged me to figure out what it was that I really wanted and needed.  Nicole, being a mom herself, and an excellent coach, fully listened and completely understood my struggles; she validated my struggles and made me feel much less alone.  Nicole helped me find my courage and confidence (sleep deprivation and a whiny baby can feed a host of insecurities).  I still think of my sessions with Nicole when I am questioning myself or losing my resolve.  One of the greatest things about Nicole is that she is so practical and down to earth, she keeps things real. And she keeps me focused on my needs and my plan for fulfilling those needs.  It is an oft used saying but it really is true: as parents we need put our oxygen masks on first before putting one on our child... Nicole is my oxygen.   deep breath :)
— Camilla, CSW, ACE Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer

In our sessions I have you look at your schedule to see how you can create more room for yourself  to relax and what are the beliefs that are stopping you from taking the time for yourself. We look at what were your role models growing up, how to create boundaries in your own life and how to create more of a work life balance. If you work for a company or organization we look at whether you can make more room in your work schedule to find time for yourself. Maybe even have some  conversations with your company about your needs. We make sure your exercise and food programs are in a alignment with your goals and we keep you focused on your needs. I introduce you to practices to slow down and reconnect to yourself and your partner as well. How you can embrace the more feminine aspects of yourself - the being and allowing, Also we look at your ideas around being productive and being results driven.





Woman #4

You want to turn on.

Your libido feels mostly dead. You are overworked. Totally stressed. You go from thing to thing never fully taking care of yourself. You have a nice partner who wants more sex then you do. You just don’t want it. You feel a lot of shame that you don’t feel anything in your genitals or when you do it’s just painful. You don’t desire sex at all.  You just feel dried up. You try different mechanical toys. You've tried suggestions from sex therapists. Nothing has worked. You just don’t get turned on anymore and you feel like you have tried everything. You want more intimacy with your partner again, more pleasurable sex, more connection to your body.

How we work together…

The results of our work together consciously flowed into all aspects of my life. People are being wowed by me.  It’s allowed me to show up fully in the world, connect more to my partner. It touched my heart deeply. The authenticity is coming from a really deep place. I can feel.. like I have never before.
— Jennifer, Yoga Teacher

We begin our work together by having you just start to connect more to your body through feeling the sensations, emotions and how they feel. We have you start to look at your conditioning and beliefs and even your identify around sex. I then introduce you to a sexuality practice to have you start feeling more connected to your genitals physically and have you connect to your desires. Your feel present to the world in a whole new way.


Woman #5

You want to know your desires and create a whole new life for yourself. 

You are either single or divorced. You have always felt like you have lived more from your head rather than your heart and your body. You want to rediscover yourself. You might feel anxiety at times. Your sex life has always come easily to you. You have always easily had an orgasm but now there is something more that you are wanting for yourself. You want to grow as a person but you don’t know exactly what that means. You don’t even know your desires or how you want to be touched…due to divorce (or could be death of a partner - I’ve found myself single again)… You have your beliefs around sex - that you should be a good girl, but that doesn’t feel like it fits anymore.

How we work together…

Nicole’s coaching was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given to myself. Her coaching was gentle, yet a powerful journey into my sexuality and love life. The places where I was open, the places where I am closed, and the places I would like to grow into were all brought to light in a safe, nurturing environment.  The following month I felt like I was on fire! I had abundant sexual energy coupled with a curiousity and inspiration in my sex life. In my personal life, direct and sensitive communication became much easier for me, even with my co-workers! The biggest gift I received was simply owning my sexuality more than I ever have before. As a result, I feel more authentic and powerful. My sex life has never been better, and I have fallen deeply in love with a beautiful man. If I could give Nicole’s coaching to all of my friends, I would!
— Didi, School Co-Director

Sometimes you might quietly feel these urges and desires to step into something new for yourself. What are those whispers telling you? In our work together, we look and listen to what your whispers are telling you. What is the direction they want you to go. What are they opening you up to. How does your identity and how you see herself shape you and maybe stop you from fully stepping into these new places. Is your sexuality asking something different for you at this point in your life.