Praise for my Coaching

"Nicole's coaching was one of the best gifts I've ever given to myself. Her coaching was gentle, yet a powerful journey into my sexuality and love life. The places where I was open, the places where I am closed, and the places I would like to grow into were all brought to light in a safe, nurturing environment.  The following month I felt like I was on fire! I had abundant sexual energy coupled with a curiousity and inspiration in my sex life... As a result, I feel more authentic and powerful. My sex life has never been better, and I have fallen deeply in love with a beautiful man. If I could give Nicole's coaching to all of my friends, I would!"
 - Didi, School Co-Director

"I didn't realize that there was a Sexuality Coach like Nicole Halpern and felt like a gift had been placed in my path when I stumbled across her.  Through her thoughtful questions and reflections, she pretty quickly helped me identify, name and challenge long held beliefs that get in my way.... She is an exceptional and easy to talk to coach who helped me tremendously in a few sessions."
 - Bridgette, Director

“The results of our work together consciously flowed into all aspects of my life. People are being wowed by me.  It's allowed me to show up fully in the world, connect more to my partner. It touched my heart deeply. The authenticity is coming from a really deep place. I can feel.. like I have never before."
 - Jennifer, Yoga Teacher

“My sexual needs have been met. I am able to enjoy sex much much MUCH more than before I met Nicole Halpern and started coaching with her. Sex has been amazingly satisfying and it has truly transformed me into a new person. The intimacy between my husband and I has increased tremendously. I feel it is mainly due to the change in my mindset. I took in my heart your message about that sex should be playful and enjoyable. There should not be any expectations. That message really elevated a lot of pressure off of my head. Since then all I want is just playing with my husband. And I have to say I LOVE our play, and I keep looking forward to the play. Seriously,!! Thank you for your email, your message, your time and your sharing on your philosophy. It truly has changed the way I view and experience my intimacy with my husband." 
 - Sara, Computer Programmer

“I was struggling to take care of myself and take care of my daughter.  My daughter came first (as she should in those first few months) but after 6.5 months this mama was depleted.   Nicole uncovered what I needed to do in order to both care for myself and my daughter.  She allowed me to find what felt in alignment & right for me and my family.  She helped me realize that being a good mom could include boundaries that allowed for both mama and baby to get their needs met.  Nicole challenged me to figure out what it was that I really wanted and needed.  Nicole, being a mom herself, and an excellent coach, fully listened and completely understood my struggles; she validated my struggles and made me feel much less alone.  Nicole helped me find my courage and confidence (sleep deprivation and a whiny baby can feed a host of insecurities).  I still think of my sessions with Nicole when I am questioning myself or losing my resolve.  One of the greatest things about Nicole is that she is so practical and down to earth, she keeps things real. And she keeps me focused on my needs and my plan for fulfilling those needs.  It is an oft used saying but it really is true: as parents we need put our oxygen masks on first before putting one on our child... Nicole is my oxygen.   deep breath :)” 
 - Camilla, LCSW, ACE Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer

"Nicole is an artist with a passion for crafting beautiful lives. With her masterful and gentle talent for listening and understanding she helps me listen to myself, understand and appreciate who I am, and celebrate my progress." 
 - Mark

"When I first started seeing Nicole, I was really at square one, relationship and intimacy-wise.  After working with Nicole off and often for almost two years, I can honestly say I could never have imagined the life I have.  She really helped me work through my fears around relationship; she gave me permission to get in touch with my own sexuality.  She knew how to be part cheerleader and part drill sergeant- both supporting and pushing me as needed.  She provided a safe, nurturing environment, she knew how to listen, she knew how to ask the question that would get to the feelings or issues that were unsaid or beneath the surface.  She really was able to hold my desires and believe in me.  I now have intimacy in my life and friends that I am really close to (I didn't before), and I have so much more  confidence socially and optimism about what lies ahead.
 - Paul E

"We invited Nicole to speak to our mother's club about "Keeping the Spark Alive after Kids."  I found her to be extremely thorough and thoughtful in her preparation for the event.  Day of, she was on-time, prepared, and was a fun and engaging discussion leader. She was also great at helping participants tease out the issue they were having and thinking on her feet to offer practical, tactical advice.  I hope to work with her again!
 - Melissa

"Nicole has a way of finding the hidden glitch and putting her finger on it.  Very intuitive.  She is currently working with my partner and I.  When engaging with Nicole, we find her very present, a must in this type of work!  She has a way of making us feel extremely comfortable when speaking about intimate issues.  We hit breakthroughs every session; so thankful!!  She's amazing at checking in after which makes me feel taken care of.  Deeply important to me." with my husband." 
 - Sya

"Working with Nicole, I have always felt entirely accepted and understood, and at the same time challenged to see my problems from new and more empowered perspectives. Nicole sees through the stories I tell myself of being stuck or unsure, and helps me to uncover the parts of myself that are in fact confident and capable. Nicole consistently embodies genuine caring, a warm and compassionate approach, and empathic listening coupled with a focused presence. She has a buoyant disposition that makes every topic seem approachable and manageable. She also has a toolkit of coaching techniques that can help with just about anything. In other words, she is a genuinely sweet person with no-nonsense skills for helping you see relationship dilemmas in a new light. Unlike many coaches out there, Nicole has deep insight into navigating intimate relationships and sexuality.  I have recommended Nicole to more than one friend seeking a new way of relating to their sexuality."

"I felt comfortable with Nicole from the moment we met.  It was as if I had known her for years. Her smile brightens the room and a sincere curiosity emanates from her. She immediately put me at ease. At the time, I was surprised to find myself opening up and sharing my vulnerability with her so readily. Although she had only just met me, I felt like she genuinely cared.  And she continued to show up with an open heart and unfailing skill over the many sessions that followed. Nicole's approach is simple and accessible: she actively listens, asks thoughtful questions, provides insightful feedback and offers helpful encouragement.  Despite years of studying psychology and many more years of therapy, I was beginning to feel hopelessly discouraged about ever breaking through habituated fears around intimacy and sexuality.  With Nicole's support, I have begun dating someone and made significant progress toward being vibrantly alive in a healthy intimate relationship." 
 - Shlayma

"I can honestly say that Nicole's coaching changed my life. I came to Nicole as a frazzled working parent of a two year old, feeling like I was doing a crappy job in all departments (work, parenting, spouse-hood), exhausted, and at the end of my rope. Nicole listened with compassion and non-judgement, and then with amazing speed and insight, helped me envision some changes that would really make a difference in both the logistics of my life and in how I felt about things. She then helped me create a plan for actually implementing those things, and--and this is critical--helped break down the barriers I was perceiving to making those things reality. I have since put into place two major changes  - one in my work arrangement and one in my home life - that have made me and my whole family happier. I am less tired all the time. I have renewed enthusiasm for my work. I am more present with my child. I have more fun. I get more self-care and down time, and so does my spouse. And we get more couple time too! I know this sounds too good to be true but it's for real and so is Nicole. Thank you Nicole!" 
 - JT

"Nicole Halpern is truly a wonderful life coach for parents and I feel so lucky to be working with her.  I initially met with Nicole to work on the eternal struggle for mothers, trying to find balance in my life.  Over the course of the sessions, we talked about my own needs (including validating that it is ok to have my own needs), relationships with others, how to find balance, and how to become more happy with my life.  The amazing thing about Nicole is that after every hour long session, I actually walked away feeling like I had accomplished something and had an answer to one of my issues.  After MANY sessions with a psychologist years ago, I never had that feeling, let alone after EVERY session.  During each discussion, we identified a problem that I wanted to work through.  Nicole would listen patiently as I spoke about my issue.  She would add questions to help me focus my thoughts or go deeper.  And each time she really seemed to 'get' where I was coming from (without any judgements) and asked the ideal questions to help me come up with a conclusion.  Whenever I finished a session with Nicole, I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders and I had a plan of how to implement my new ideas.  I highly recommend Nicole!! 
 - Leah S

"I felt immediately heard and understood. She helped me see that my self-limiting habits and patterns from my childhood (doing something that a part of me did not approve of, but doing it anyway) created a huge internal battle with these two very important decisions.  After our sessions, I felt lighter, more connected to myself and started to listen to the voices that came up with empathy instead of pushing them away. Through our work, I feel like I have more decisions when it comes to taking control of the life I really want to live." 
 - Jessie

"Nicole asked insightful questions and broke down the seemingly overwhelming decisions in front of us into concrete, manageable steps. She helped us get unstuck and back into action with pieces of life wisdom such as "it's ok to ask questions of others before you have all of your own answers." We're grateful for her help in sorting out one of the most complicated periods life has thrown at us yet!
 - Jessica

"Nicole truly stands out for her intuition, insight, and compassion. She has an incredible gift for seeing what's really going on. She will help you zero in on the things that will truly make you happy - and then succeed in accomplishing them. Nicole was extremely supportive, perceptive, and kind. She is amazing at getting quickly to the bottom of a situation and helping you see the next steps.
 - Jess B

"Nicole has an intuitive genius that cuts through the fog... Nicole listened to the subtleties beyond my words, and was able to tap into where my passion ignites. Within one session I felt clarity that I haven't felt in a long while. She also charged me up with a few direct actions steps I can take to make it happen. Nicole has that unique blend of warmth, empathy and depth mixed with a no bullshit sword of directness that motivated me to the next level. As a mother she is able to relate to the complexity of roles and desires. Nicole has a depth of experience and wisdom that she brings to the sessions. I appreciate her professionalism and wide range.
 - Valerie T

"Nicole not only brings in her own personal life experiences, but her knowledge of a variety of holistic practices and intuitive abilities, and past teachings in order for me to gain perspective and allow me to find a place of understanding and peace.  She always allows my session to be my session and only asks me to practice strategies at home that I feel are in alignment with who I am.What I love so much about Nicole is that she willing to guide me in genuine and authentic way to whatever it is I need in that time in that place during our (session) calls. The empowering and powerful way in which she is able to connect with me is as if she is right in front of me and not miles away.
 - Bonnie

"Nicole's natural aptitude for empathy, care and support allow her to step into your situation right along side with you. Once you identify your goal together, she is one of the most powerful advocates you may ever find! She will challenge you with love and and help you to see things in new ways through a variety of exercises.   When we've worked together, she was patient, encouraging and most importantly, she never let me settle for less than my best.
 - David

"Nicole is a thoughtful, wise and compassionate life coach.  I used Nicole's services for a very concrete family issue and was extremely happy with her care.  What impressed me most about Nicole was her uncanny ability to make me see that the answers I needed were really already right in front of me.  She was able to effortlessly sort through my "muck", and get to the crux of the issue at hand - and in such a stealth and insightful way.   She is just so very wise.  Nicole  is clearly passionate about her life work .  I am so grateful to have worked with Nicole and look forward to working with her again. Can't recommend her enough." 
 - Shivaun

"Her confident guidance was instrumental in helping me make the right choice for myself and my family.  She is methodical, thorough, and compassionate.  Her questions and comments really had me feel heard and seen. Through the coaching process I came to a place of greater clarity within myself.  Because I am a working mom, our coaching work touched on both professional issues and parenting issues.  I would recommend Nicole to anyone seeking ease in decision-making, parenting, or relationships.  She has done the work and is dedicated to helping others live their best lives.
 - Erin Gael

"Nicole is insightful, warm, thorough, encouraging, approachable and very supportive. Her guidance is spot on. Nicole gets me to think about my decisions, prioritize my actions and has saved me time by encouraging me to use my time where it would increase my skills and business. As a mother of young children, I need a coach that understands my need to balance time with my family and time working on my business. Nicole gets it!
 - Lisa M

"Something special is happening with this woman... she has a spark of life about her that is contagious and inspiring. It's a "can do" spirit rooted in practical knowledge about what it takes to be successful in the world and within our own hearts.
 - Taylor P

"Nicole Halpern has a real gift as a life coach for parents and you feel it in her presence.  She is authentic in her caring nature and also brings in humor which makes the whole experience better! I reached out to Nicole when my daughter was 1 and I really needed help. I had a hunch that as a fellow mother as well as coach she could assist me with some clear guidance.  My issue was multifold.  I felt I was doing parenting alone, yet was not asking for help from my husband.  He wanted to help but did not know how.  I felt angry, exhausted, anxious and helpless.  I had a coaching session with Nicole for 1.5 hours.  What I did not know was how much better I would feel after seeing her. She provides a special kind of listening ear.
 - Kristin G 

"Nicole's a gifted coach with an intuitive feel for supporting one in figuring out the best path forward. I've come to her with dating, career, travel, and other challenges, and no matter what I flung at her, she's always held steady, helped me question and talk through all aspects. At the end of a session with Nicole I consistently feel more clarity, joy, optimism, solidity, and empowerment. She's a pro! Recommended VERY highly!
 - Matthew T

"I have known Nicole for several years now.  In my experience with her, she continuously strives to fully listen and understand where I am coming from. Her questions are with intention and she is skilled in finding the core of what is desired even when it is hidden in the thick, metaphorical brush. I recently recommended Nicole to a close friend of mine for coaching as I feel that she has the skill and the passion.

"Nicole and I had an instant rapport form the moment we started working together. Her ability to understand exactly where I'm coming from and direct me to through the next steps is unparalleled, and her commitment to my success is both inspiring and comforting. Her deep and extensive knowledge in her field gave me the confidence to move very quickly through blocks that had been in place for years, and I now feel that my next venture is much closer to becoming a reality and will be more easily attainable than I could ever have done on my own."

"O my lovely fabulousness. I just had an incredible coaching session with Nicole. She honored my unique gifts and my process so tenderly. She saw me in a way no one else has and empowered me with steps to move forward. I'm going towards such deeply felt passions and this woman knows how to guide such an immense process. She is an incredible delight to sit with and I highly recommend it for anyone."

"Nicole Halpern is a professional and inspiring coach. I find her very perceptive, and she has a generous way about her. She is full of motivation, while also being very sensitive and insightful. For anyone looking to grow their business while also staying in alignment with their true values and goals, Nicole can help you."