Mother, Teacher, Coach, Healer, Writer, Trailblazer.


My heaven on earth...

Opening the door of my favorite French Bakery and the aromas wafting towards me
My home yoga and chi gong practice  
A long walk with my daughter or a friend
Those conversations where I laugh so hard I cry; those conversations where I cry so hard I laugh; those conversations where the topic is about nothing - we just really enjoy each other's company
The perfect storm of the perfect meal
Surrendering to new beginnings, endings, and the impermanence of life
Realizing how much my parents love me; When I feel how much I love my daughter
Experiencing a really kind gesture from a stranger; Experiencing a really kind gesture from a friend; Being Kind
A great pair of shoes
A riveting read
An open-hearted and sensual man
Washington Square Park, Manhattan
Being vulnerable
A desert Georgia O'Keefe painting
A cannoli, a childhood fave
When the dots suddenly do connect backwards, and everything suddenly makes sense
Riding the bike at the gym
Lard fat from Marin Sun Farms - my new ghee
The stop-you-in-your-tracks scent of Brugmansia Suaveolens yellow trumpet flower
Talking dirty (that's me!)
Doing laundry
Love - when my heart expands
Cuddling up with my books; Cuddling up with my Sweetheart
The Sun, the Moon, & the Stars... and, Mars (I love seeing Mars)


What about you?

What makes your heart sing?

Who are you becoming?


I was the nice, Jewish girl from New York who became the nicer to herself Woman of the World. 

In 1998 in my mid 20’s, I was working in corporate media at ABC News Headquarters on Central Park West. I lived a totally nice life. Underneath it, something felt missing. On a surface level, things were fine. It all looked pretty good - nice friends, nice family, a cute Park Slope apartment and really fun work. I was following the path that I was told would bring me happiness. Below it, something still felt empty. I had IBS (colitis) that later on reflection, I felt had a connection to the lack of confidence I felt. I felt stifled by the patriarchal energy and competitive nature of New York. All that "doingness," didn't feel good after awhile.

Then a chance moment in a transformational workshop occurred. A moment of feeling a deep inner connection to everyone in the room but the people around me were of all different ethnicities, ages and upbringings. In some ways, I couldn't understand this sense of connection. From the outside, I shouldn't have felt connected in the way I did but it was there. In that moment, I caught a glimpse of what living life beyond just the outside layer, really connected to others could feel like and I wanted more.

Meanwhile, as I was embracing what felt like a deeper existence, most of what I saw around me were friends embracing an accumulation of titles - Homeowner, Wife, Mother, Grad Student, Manager, Director, the list went on. I, on the other hand, I didn't feel the pull towards any of these directions. In fact, I soon found myself beginning to actively choose a different one. My new found rebellious nature kicked in. I just refused to follow what everyone else was doing.  None of it mattered to me. I didn't know at the time that not following that well worn path meant I had to feel the "scrapes and cuts" of creating my own. I didn't know how much it would take to be brave and courageous and not know sometimes what is going on. At the time, I made it my mission  to discover what exactly would fulfill me. I began the journey of building my life from the inside out as opposed to from the outside in - a life not just about looking good, but one that feels deeply good and harmonious.

I had to be willing, to be lost, to actually be found. I had to be willing to not know, to touch into my own inner knowingness. 

While on my path, I did different jobs and learned new philosophies.  I found myself in Politics, Environmental radio, gardening. I went backpacking in South East Asia for 5 months. I walked 20 miles a day in Nepal. I moved to the west coast. I experienced transformational workshops and personal and business coaching programs.  I wound up getting an intensive training in sexuality. I did yoga, chi gong and meditation. I tried all new ways of eating - paleo, macrobiotics, ayurveda.  I desperately wanted to know who I was and live whole heartedly in the world. 

20 years later, I'm living a life fulfilled. I am mentally, emotionally and physically healthy. I have a deep connection to my body. I know what turns me on. I know how to express it.  I am connected to my feminine side. 

My journey is a journey of unearthing my needs. Along the way, I found my way to living a deeply satisfying life. 

I will help you have a deeply satisfying fulfilling life. 

Whether that's being more in alignment with your career, your relationships, your body, your sexuality. Becoming more open hearted and understanding to create more intimacy in your life. Turning over the rock and examining what you think, what you say or what you do. Learning about your emotions, your sense of self or how you care and nurture yourself. Are you present with your body and the world around you?

I want to help you obtain a deep sense of peace and calm, connection with yourself and others, and a lasting fulfillment in your life. A life that you will deeply experience the joys of living, on a daily basis. A life not based on what and who you have, not based on your beauty or your wealth but one that you will experience a true sense of personal power. Power from within.  

I’m very results driven in my coaching practice: I want to know what the cause of your suffering is, not just what the symptoms are. Why? It's how we create long lasting results for you. I want to help you heal and live more in alignment with who you really are, so you can become even more powerful than you already are, even more than you can imagine yourself to be. I want to help you end your cycles of discontent and obtain a deeper sense of connection to all of life.