My vision for you


Sex. What were your thoughts about it growing up? Maybe you were like me. You grew up listening to words and phrases like "she's too slutty," "too easy," "too much."  Energies of judgement surrounded sexual energies and those judgements still remain in your body and soul today.

Or maybe talk of sex was kept eerily quiet with unsaid messages to "keep that sexuality down,"  be a "good girl," "act accordingly."  So you flowed with the current. Your sexual energy swept away into a tiny jar, kept underneath the basement steps. Your true desires rarely seen, rarely heard.

Did you grow up being told that women were inferior to men or that your job was to "please your man," be a "good wife" or to be "marriage material" with no teachings about how to actually feel pleasure and experience your own satisfaction? Has it left you confused about who you are and frustrated around what you really want in and out of the bedroom and how to deeply connect to your partner in this way?

Maybe you have always had a strong connection to your sensual energy but lately it feels sort of dead and you would like to reinvigorate it.

I believe most people were shamed around their sexuality when they were kids, maybe even as adults.

I believe we live in a world that has many disempowering agreements around women being fully sexual and in their power.

I believe that when you grow up with no role models, no women’s circle and no beautiful coming of age ceremonies to celebrate your blossoming sexuality, it's hard to identify your desires, communicate them and fully own them.  

Where does that leave you now? Maybe you feel disheartened and alone in your sexuality.  Maybe you feel disconnected and disassociated from your body. Maybe you see and feel how it impacts your partnership and your overall happiness. Sex is now just about having an orgasm and even that has become hard to obtain and feels crappy.

Do you run over your feminine side just to get ahead? Have you kicked it to the curb? Do you sometimes not even know if you are hungry because of all the different ways you've cut yourself off from that connection to your own body? Does your sexuality, a beautiful, vibrant part of your life force energy feel suppressed? Do you stuff your emotions in addictions including overworking or holding it all together not knowing when the elaborate wall you have created around yourself could come crumbling down?

Do you feel like you move through the world not whole and want to feel differently? Maybe you have turned to other places to get help around your sexuality and your relationship but nothing has worked very well, if at all. Maybe it's just easier for you to focus on your kids, if you have them as opposed to unearthing this part of you to truly set it free and bring it into the light.

Imagine a world where you and every single other woman walks through it connected to their sexuality and deeply empowered by it.  Where there are no expectations on how it should be or how you should be or who is going to judge you for being authentically you. Where you feel honored and supported in it. Where your feminine side is nurtured and allowed and so are your emotions.  Where no woman feels alone nor isolated within it.  Where when you want more you go for it not wondering how you will be seen.

You feel joy. You feel freedom. You communicate your desires. You have fully owned your womanhood in a whole new way. Imagine that.

Why am I so driven to do this work? Trust me, I have tried to run away from it many times. I didn't grow up wanting to be a sexuality coach. I was always fascinated with sex though and I remember masturbating when I was 2 or 3 and feeling so much shame around it  What has brought me back to working in this area? There are 3 reasons.

1) I believe that when we bring our feminine sides back into balance with our masculine sides, we heal the world and bring peace to it. Our feminine sides will bring the balance we need to our results driven, production orientated culture that often feels like people are second to the bottom line. The nurturing, emotional feminine energy that we all posses inside of ourselves will provide the snow for us to ski down the hill. It's the term in yoga called Santosha. We think embracing this part of ourselves will get us less results. In the long run, it gets us more. It creates a more sustainable you and will deeply satiate your inner life.
2) Your relationship to your sexuality is a part of your personal power. Many longevity experts declare it as just as important to focus on as the other areas of your life for your overall health and happiness.  We all deserve to experience this. You go to the gym a few times a week, your sex life should get equal attention too.
3) I remember those moment when I work with an individual and they feel liberated and free in their sexuality and in their body. I well up just remembering these moments. These moments are some of the most powerful experiences I have ever been witness to. I have found few bodies of work that compare and makes such an impact in such a short amount of time. It is revolutionary. It is magic.

I love to see people lit up and turn on through activating their sexual energy. It is my passion for you to be ignited too. When this part of you gets liberated, you will walk through the world in a whole new way. Imagine that.

I want this for you.

You are my ideal client if...

  1. You are open to exploring your femininity, sexuality and sensuality because that means you will be whole.
  2. You realize you have run over your sexuality or have suppressed it to get ahead.
  3. You are ready to connect to your feminine side.
  4. You are successful but you want more. 
  5. You know that in order to be truly free you need to integrate your sexuality.

My Promises to you - When you choose to work with me, you can count on that:

  1. I see the possibility of wholeness for women
  2. I see who they can become 
  3. I hold a safe space for you to reclaim your sexuality to unwind any shame or holdbacks in your self - places where you’ve had to deny and suppress yourself.
  4. I will love you through this process.
  5. I will be nonjudgmental.
  6. I am your advocate.

My Intentions for you - When you choose to work with me, my intentions for you are that:

  1. You feel more alive
  2. You feel more engaged with life and with your partner (if you have one) in a way that feels satisfying, liberating and joyful
  3. You feel more connected to your own body so you recognize your needs and desires and how to fulfill them.
  4. You understand man-woman dynamics in a whole new way.
  5. You will understand how to communicate with more effectiveness and more ease to get what you want and to hear the other person.
  6. You will be able to communicate your sexual needs and wants with more ease and power.
  7. Sex will be pleasurable. That it is a process and not a goal and that you get to enjoy the process of it and become more and more in the moment of it.
  8. Moving sex from duty to pleasure and from duty to choice. You will realize your desires being fulfilled is really what turns you on and makes you want to have more sex rather than thinking your role is to perform for men and feel the obligatory nature around sex with your partner.


"Nicole is an artist with a passion for crafting beautiful lives. With her masterful and gentle talent for listening and understanding she helps me listen to myself, understand and appreciate who I am, and celebrate my progress." 

“The results of our work together consciously flowed into all aspects of my life. People are being wowed by me.  It's allowed me to show up fully in the world, connect more to my partner. It touched my heart deeply. The authenticity is coming from a really deep place. I can feel.. like I have never before."