Be the Woman Coaching Program  

I work with women from all backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientations in one on one weekly coaching sessions. I create a safe and confidential container for you to open up and share. This is my top priority. The realm of sexuality is a vulnerable one and building trust is very important to me.

We work together 2-3 times a month to begin the process of integrating your sexuality, your feminine side and bring more intimacy into your life. I offer a step-by-step process with unlimited email support.

You are a woman who is smart, successful and possibly a parent. Within a few weeks of us working together, you will start to feel more deeply connected to your body and start to revel in a more authentic power. The words aliveness and liberated are often what I hear past clients say about our work together.  In a short amount of time, women who have struggled with their sex life and intimacy with their partner, quickly see results.

We meet in person or over the phone, Skype or Facetime. If you are having blocks in your sex life,  I find that working with just you and not both you and your partner is the way to see the most impactful shifts occur. My work focuses less on your past and more about what you want to create for yourself moving forward. I assign touch exercise for homework and introduce a powerful and sensitive body-based practice that creates more fullness and abundance in your being.  Results happen fast within 6 weeks to 4 months as opposed to years.  

I love working in the dynamics of relationship because what I found is that even people who have been in therapy for long periods of time that through our work together, I can help them shift the framework so they can see the things they’ve been looking for in their entire relationship. 

When you choose to work with me, my intentions for you are that:

1. You feel more alive
2. You feel more engaged with life and with your partner (if you have one) in a way that feels satisfying, liberating and joyful
3. You feel more connected to your own body so you recognize your needs and desires and how to fulfill them.
4. You will understand how to communicate with more effectiveness and more ease to get what you want and to hear the other person.
5. You will be able to communicate your sexual needs and wants with more ease and power.
6. Sex will be pleasurable. That it is a process and not a goal and that you get to enjoy the process of it and become more and more in the moment of it.
7. Moving sex from duty to pleasure and from duty to choice. You will realize your desires being fulfilled is really what turns you on and makes you want to have more sex rather than thinking your role is to perform for men and feel the obligatory nature around sex with your partner.

"Nicole set up a field of love and trust that was at a master level." - Elle, Meditation teacher

"Amazing, beautiful, safe, opening and welcome." - Laura, Graphic Designer